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We’ve been married for 6 months already!

The time runs so extremely fast! I remember my nerves, preparations, thinking about it, arranging…

Unbelievable….. I’m a married woman! ;)

 Yes, it happened last weekend and now I can call myself matronal married woman ;)  This is very funny as I still haven’t noticed any changes. Or maybe one – I’m wearing nice, shiny wedding ring ;)) Our wedding was in civil office and it was very quick – about 20 minutes or so. We

tick tock, tick tock…. 1,5 days left to my wedding!

Am I stressed? Mmm… no, because I totally cannot believe that this is actually my wedding  ;) But maybe it’s good – stress would not bring anything positive… but on the other hand maybe I’d remember these days better after all? ;) There are some things that interrupt my mind – my mother had a

We’ve got it ! :)

Today my boyfriend received his visa H-1B to the US :) We are also practicing our wedding dance.

Wedding surprise dance! :)

Learning first dance in not so easy!

Today is 29th of August…

… which means there is only one month left till my wedding!

Wedding preparations part 1 completed! :)

I finally bought my heavenly perfect wedding dress!

It’s time for… wedding preparations!

It’s time for wedding shopping! :)