The day of my 2-wheel friend’s betrayal

Since almost 3 months I’ve been commuting to work using a bike. The distance between my work and home is 3,7mi (6km) which is not very far, but on the other hand – not too close ;) When you do it regularly 5 times per week, it gives you 38,5mi (62km) weekly and 155mi (250km) monthly. Following this thought – that means that during a 4-month season you can ride 620mi (1000km)! And this number is finally quite impressive ;)

Bicycles welcomed

Bicycles welcomed

Today I was riding as usual. It was drizzling and the morning was generally dark and gloomily. As it was Monday, I had serious difficulties to wake up myself ;) As a consequence of laying in a bed for too long, I was then in a hurry. There were many factors that lead me to that bad event, one of them was my recklessness…;)

Part of my way to work is not a bicycle path, but a devastated footpath. I also have to ride threw a high curb and since these 3 months of my commuting by bike, I’ve been always jumping of my bike there and passing it on foot. Yes, it was irritating but I thought I nearly got used to that;)

This Black Monday I didn’t follow this routine and ended up miserably. When trying to jump on this high curb I felt from the bike and badly hurt my right knee. So badly that I had to go to the doctor, as I couldn’t walk at all! Not only my knee was in a huge pain, it also became enormously swollen!

At the hospital I had  X-ray study conducted, which showed that any bone is broken and everything is more or less in its place ;) Knee injury is not like a bone fracture – you can’t put it in a plaster and wait until it’s fused. If it’s not working correctly you have to undergo knee surgery – total or partial. I’m quite good in theory as I have really many friends who suffer problems with their knees and I also work for a corporation that  produces probably one of the best knee prosthesis available on the market ;) But I would rather not try them myself!! :)

The orthopedic doctor prescribed me also some pain relievers and advised to stay in a bed for two weeks to not strain this knee. After that I should start active rehabilitation, also by riding a bike, as it’s said to be… perfect for knees! What an irony! :))

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