The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, based on Stephen King’s novel

The Shining was first written as American novel by Stephen King in 1977. Just 3 years after the novel had been released, it was adapted into full-time horror directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The title ‘The shining’ is well known either for book and for movie, but I guess most of the people associate it with movie. ‘If it’s told to be such a good movie, the book must be much better’- I thought. And I was totally right!

Stephen King in an author known for his talent of writing great horror stories. He can perfectly build an atmosphere of fear, which is not very easy in book, where you can’t use such effects as music, frightening noises, scenery, etc.  I’m sometimes afraid when I’m watching horror movies at nighttime but it was the first time when I was afraid while reading a book! :) It was the moment when I felt that it’s a really good work ;)

The Shining - Jack's family

The Shining – Jack’s family

Jack Torrance (it was incredible role of Jack Nicholson) is an aspiring writer who ruined his teacher’s career and marriage because of two pernicious traits: an explosive temper and love to alcohol. During one drinking party he gets nervous and breaks his son’s arm and it’s like a breakthrough. His wife threatens him that she wants to divorce and take Danny away.  Jack is quickly brought to sobriety and shortly after that he receives a proposal that he considers to be a cure for all his problems. He’s offered a job as a winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, which is isolated high in Colorado mountains for few months from the first snowfall. For Jack everything seems to be perfect – the job is not demanding, they are going to live in luxury, we’ll have time and peace to write his new play and he hopes to to rebuild his marriage.

Jack's wife -Wendy

Jack’s wife -Wendy

Jack, his wife Wendy and their 5-year-old son Danny move to the Overlook Hotel. After first snow they become completely isolated there. Danny, who possess the gift of ‘shining’  quickly discovers that the hotel is emitting some negative vibration from the past. His parents are concerned because of the things he’s telling but don’t treat it very seriously. After some time Jack appears to be in tune with the hotel in his own way…

Jack Torrance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy


I read somewhere that there used to be two endings of this movie – shorter for European market and 25 minutes longer for US market – no idea why ;) European version ending doesn’t  have most of scenes taking place outside the hotel. Strange, isn’t it?

For me this was one of the most frightening horrors – there were no aliens, disgusting things, etc but a pure human madness.


If you like feeling a thrill, you absolutely must see this movie  (I recommend to read the book first!)

Below a picture of REDRUM – one of the most scary themes in the movie ;)



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