‘There for you 2012′ day

As an every multinational, my company also wants to  deserve for a title of social- responsible corporation. It’s a trend nowadays that huge companies have charity in their status. It’s also a perfect way for advertising – instead of paying someone for organizing marketing campaign for you, you can make a charity- related action  and you’ll be shown in media as a social caring corporation. (Money spent for that can be also deducted from tax, so actually there is no cost for the company!)  I know I’m probably simplifying that a bit, nevertheless I still absolutely for this idea of helping people in their needs (especially if you are as reach as most multinationals are!)  :)

This year my company decided to help children from SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children’s Villages is an non-governmental,  international organisation established in 1949. Their aim is to help children who are abandoned, orphaned, live in destitute and  require family-based care. But this is not a ‘normal’ orphanage. The idea is that usually about 6-9 children of different age are grouped to create one  house and a “Village” consists of  between ten and forty of such houses with some shared facilities – court, playground, etc. In each house there is one SOS mother and SOS father, who are often a marriage and have their own children living also there. Crucial thing is that family groups once they are  formed are kept together as a priority. This includes also a fact that siblings are always together, whereas in ordinary orphanages this is not a rule

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children’s Villages

In the Village chosen by us there were 12 houses and 77 children in the age between 3 months to 19 years. For the project we have been given 3000$ as a basis and then, there was a rule, that the company will double the money that we somehow collect on our own. To earn some money we were selling home-made cakes and cookies in the canteen nearby, collecting bottle caps and used cartridges. I don’t want to boast but my cake was really praised! :)))  We managed to collect 2000$, so we received another 2000$ from the company. That meant we had 7000$ in total! :)

As the school time is becoming closer and closer, we decided to buy books for the children. Unfortunately books in Poland are very expensive and we couldn’t afford to buy full set of books for each children. Director of this Village advised us that  in this case it would be better to buy full set for 2-3 children from each house and give some tiny school staff to the other. And so we did! :) Apart from books we bought a lot of toys and we also received many free things from our company’s partners – usually gadgets with their logos, but still it was great! :)

On the date of ‘There for you’ action day, we organized a picnic for those children. There was music, drinks, fruits and great weather! :) We also hired event company to organize some games for the children, theater, face painting, decorative workshops and so on :) For me the nicest thing were dog shows! A group of 6 people, each with one dog agreed to take part in our event free of charge. It was really kind of them and the dogs’ tricks were unbelievable! Children of all age loved that! :) It was a day of pat for that dogs :)

At the end of the picnic we gave all presents away (one of them was a huge pack of sweets only worth 300$! Just imagine children’s smile seeing that :)) and released lanterns of luck to the sky. In my opinion playing with fire was a bit dangerous but children loved it and the lanterns looked amazing… :)

It was a great day!!!

TFU2012 Lanterns

TFU2012 Lanterns

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