tick tock, tick tock…. 1,5 days left to my wedding!

Am I stressed? Mmm… no, because I totally cannot believe that this is actually my wedding  ;) But maybe it’s good – stress would not bring anything positive… but on the other hand maybe I’d remember these days better after all? ;)

There are some things that interrupt my mind – my mother had a car crash this Tuesday. Thanks God she’s fine but the car is damaged. They are thinking now where to get a replacement car from as it’s quite far to the city where the ceremony will take place… about 6-7h hours by car ;/  Troubles, troubles all the way…  But they are clever and have to invent something to get there! It’s their small daughter’s wedding ;))

Today we’ll be preparing music and packing (point one – don’t forget wedding rings!), as we are leaving tomorrow directly after work (of course I’ll leave the office much earlier – bride has a right, doesn’t she?;))

Generally everything goes smooth so far… I expect it to be a crazy weekend full of great emotions :)  The worst part will he hairdresser on Saturday morning bleh..

Forgot to tell you one funny thing – I went to solarium yesterday to get some nice suntan.You know, only 10 minutes.

Now I’m just reddish. Where I get these all stupid ideas from? :)

2 Responses to tick tock, tick tock…. 1,5 days left to my wedding!

  1. excell123 says:

    There is always a time in every season in life. There are negative situations will come along your way but choose to believe that ahead is a victorious journey of life. Life is a choice and how you think to circumstances and situations in your life is your choice. Life is what we make it. In how you respond to things is your choice. Being happy and triumphant is a “choice”.

  2. shahalam says:

    You are going to start a new life.Many many congratulations to you. Many thoughts, many excitements are coming in and out,therefore, you are in stressful situation.This is very simple to happen around you.Don’t worry about that car accident. Also don’t think about car, you mom is safe.
    You should take some rest and should go under sound sleep. Don’t worry about reddish color, this will be disappear more 2 or 3 days later. Again many many congratulations in advance. Looking to hear about your wedding ceremony.

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