TOFEL, exams, work and housewarming

 I had my first attempt to TOFEL exam last Friday and I’m not really happy with how I did it…  TOFEL is quite specific, it is mainly focused on working with pace and under pressure. Your knowledge of English is treated as an axiom here ;) For example for reading section (which I felt quite good in) I had to read 3x A4 length scientific articles and answer 47 questions in 60 minutes. For me this was a lot, it’s just not my usual working style. I run out of time and had to guess some last answers :/  As this was the first section, I was quite resigned leter…

Sad and tired cat - it's me :)

Sad and tired cat – it’s me :)

My examination sension at the university has started. I alrady had 2 exams and I’m going to have next one in a few hours  (and I have no idea why I waste my time writing this! :P)

Work- only 3 days, including this one, left! I may be sad leaving… I spent there 2 veeery intensive years. It was hard sometimes, I felt big pressure, I was loosing my nerves, couldn’t calm down after it, I had nightmares with some people from here… Sounds terrible! ;)  But there were also great moments, thanks form patients and other people. That wouldn’t taste so good without this really hard work :)  Everything looks so different from perspective. They told me a few times that my doors are not closed here and they appreciate the job I’ve done. So maybe, who knows…  But I’m really glad that after weeks of hesitation we decided to move to the US. Now, knowing that we had such opportunity but resigned, I’d feel bad seeing no chance for some changes… I could change my job but it would be a tiny change comparing to changing a continent :D

Tomorrow we have our housewarming party! :)  My husband thought that by choosing such inconvenient date (a lot of people are going to their parents for Christmas already) less people will come and his beautiful and clean apartment will stay beautiful and clean :P However, everybody responded positively on the proposal :) The theme of this party are… blankets as we have no chairs and table yet :)  I think it might be a real fun :)


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