Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

This is a recipe gained from my boyfriend’s mother – she’s really an artist in a kitchen and with this redolent turkey she has captivated my both heart and palate  :)

This meal is a combination of 3 things I like a lot – poultry, sweetness and blue smelly cheese :)

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

To prepare these delights you’ll need:

  • 1 big double turkey breast
  • 5 oz. of blue cheese, e.g. Gorgonzola
  • 2 mellow pears
  • Bunch of cashew nuts
  • salt,pepper, light meat marinade



Wash the meat and prepare 4-6 equal slices. Tenderize each slide so that they are thinner and bigger.

Marinade turkey using some marinade with delicate flavor. It would be perfect if you could do it a day or few hours in advance – meat will be much more delicate. Then fry the turkey until it’s ready, change it’s sides often. It takes a bit longer comparing to chicken meat.

On each meat slice place a half of pear and quite thick slice of cheese on that. Wrap it with aluminum foil and put it into hot oven fro 8 minutes.

If fresh pears are not available, you can use canned pears in syrup.

After this time remove the foil and add some cashew nuts on the top.

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear


Smells like a great fest, isn’t it? :)


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