Twin Peaks by David Lynch & Mark Frost

Twin Peaks poster

Twin Peaks poster

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and we were in a park with our friends doing barbecue. We were just in the middle of

eating our delicious sausages and less-salty cucumbers when suddenly the weather dramatically changed. It started to rain heavily and the temperature decreased by few degrees. We had a plan to wait until it’s ended, but we finally dropped this idea after an hour… ;) The day was too nice to finish it like that so we decided to watch a movie together in a dry place. Our friend proposed ‘Twin Peaks’ and we said ‘Why not?’

With ‘Twin Peaks’  I associated two things only – that it was on TV when I was a child and that I always felt that it’s scary…

We started watching it from pilot episode. I took 1,5h and I was totally absorbed from the beginning till end!

Twin Peaks is a city of 50K residents situated in picturesque mountains in Washington State. It seems sleepy and peaceful but one day disturbs the harmony. A murder occurs.

Welcome to Twin Peaks

Welcome to Twin Peaks

In fact the plot was not the main reason that I liked it so much. It was the way of how each character was introduced – each person was very specific, each has his own small bizarres. Each was suspicious. I also liked that plenty of small details in every conversation created a really absurd atmosphere.

Ronette Pulaski

Ronette Pulaski


We were all very thrilled by this pilot episode and we agreed to meet every second day to watch together at least one episode.

Well, it was also a little bit scary to go back home after this movie! :)

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