Unbelievable….. I’m a married woman! ;)

 Yes, it happened last weekend and now I can call myself matronal married woman ;)  This is very funny as I still haven’t noticed any changes. Or maybe one – I’m wearing nice, shiny wedding ring ;))

Our wedding was in civil office and it was very quick – about 20 minutes or so. We stayed there longer to drink champagne, chat with guests and enjoy the first moments after. I was afraid that I’m going to be totally stressed starting from the day before but it didn’t happen. I was not stressed also at the hair dresser and at make-up artist – that shocked me!

I started being very anxious when we and all the guests were already in the wedding hall waiting only for the official who was finishing some formalities. That was the worst part… After that the second horrible part was when I had to repeat marriage vow – I just couldn’t stop laughing!!! My reaction was amusing and embarrassing for me – good that none had a camera recorder. Fortunately my good mood looks fine on photos ;)))

Our Big Day

Our Big Day

Then we went to a restaurant and the party started! :) For the first meal we had a soup – white borscht in small breads – it looked lovely and was delicious. After some time and drinks we had wedding cake served and performed our samba dance. It went well and all of the guests were surprised. Then everybody was dancing, drinking, eating and having fun – typical Polish wedding! :)

The party ended when the restaurant was closing and they just asked us to end soon ;)

Generally it was a great experience – not too many people but everybody was having fun and also everything went smoothly from preparation point of view :)

On the other day we had a second meeting but it was much shorter – only about 3 hours. It is also a part of tradition to gather all guests once again and repeat the party ;)

We were so exhausted after the second party that we went to bed immediately after that, i.e. before 9 pm ;))

I want to keep all those good memories in my heart!

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  1. excell123 says:

    Wedding day is a very special occasion where one is tied into a vow of a sacred relationship. Still life must go on though you’re married still you can do the things you used to do before provided it is helpful and useful in your married life. The more you will enjoy life together with your husband or wife. It is a blessing from God and He will not add sorrow in it. You cannot notice changes right away but every day perspective in life will change, now that you are both making and building a family together make sure that God is in the center of your relationship.

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