Unplanned weekend :)

It was going to be my first lonley weekend since… I have no idea when. My husband had to go to his hometown in order to change his car’s tires as the winter has already surprised him this season ;) And I was to go to the university on Saturday and have some rest on Sunday as it was Independent Day in Poland and everything was going to be closed.

Leaving work on Friday I felt so sad that my husb is going to his great hometown by the lake and I was wondering why I didn’t want to go with him ;)  I was amazed that I decided not to go! I asked my husb as he was giving me a lift home why actually I’m not going with him. He said that I was not going as I didn’t want to, although he asked me few times. (now I think that it was my ambition talking instead of me! :P)

For me it was like an impulse – I just saw myself in a car going to Ilawa and knew I’ll be there soon :)

We went for a sec to our flat, I packed myself as fast as never before and was ready for the trip! :D

It was a fantastic weekend, the weather was beautiful – warm and sunny, amazing Autumn by the lake :)  As always we came back with full stomachs and car packed with delicious food :)

Conclusion – just listen to your hart and let it drive you! :D

Ilawa - the city I could live in! :)

Ilava – the city I could live in! :)

PS To celebrate Polish Independent Day a group of people gathered to open the next season for walruses – enthusiasts of swimming in cold waters :P  Below you can see what they like most :)  I’m always wondering why in such walruses groups the majority of members are really not young…  Is it life that tempers? :) I tried to encourage my M to join them but he wasn’t interested :((

Ilavian walruses :D

Ilavian walruses :D

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