Weather and Climate of Seattle

Seattle has opinion of a city where it rains for the majority of a year. But it is also said that this opinion is spread by Seattleites who want to discourage other people from moving to their beloved city :)  The truth is that Seattle gets less rain than New York, Boston, Miami and many other US cities. Here is a comparison of Seattle’s annual rainfall to other cities:

Rain in Seattle

Rain in Seattle

Seattle, WA   -  37.4″

Washington, DC   -  41.8″

Boston, MA   -  42.5″

Houston, TX   -  47.8″

New York, NY   -  49.7″

Atlanta, GA – 50,8″

Miami, FL   -  58.6″


Seattle performs quite poorly, doesn’t it? :)

Seattle’s climate can be described as temperate marine or oceanic.  Due to the closeness of the North Pacific Ocean, winters in Seattle are wet and mild, whereas summers warm and dry.

The reason why Seattle was not listed among the 10 rainiest cities in the United States is largely due to its dry summers, which change annual rainfall statistics ;))

Interesting Seattle weather facts:

  • The highest temperature of 96°F was recorded in 1994
  • The lowest temperature of 10°F was recorded in 1990
  • July is on average the warmest month
  • January is on average the coldest month
  • November is on average the most rainy month, it’s also the  largest amount of rainfall that any U.S. city gets
  • It is cloudy 202 days a year and partly cloudy 94 days a year
  • There are 150 days a year when the rainfalls is 0.3 mm (0.01 in) or more
  • Seattle gets the least amount of annual sunlight comparing to other US cities
  • On average there are 7 days with thunderstorms reported yearly

Below you can find graphs of Seattle annual temperature and rainfalls:

Rainfall in Seattle

Rainfall in Seattle

Temperature in Seattle

Temperature in Seattle


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