Wedding surprise dance! :)

Seems that I’ve started my wedding countdown… 16 days left! Aaaaa…  sounds scary and become more and more realistic ;)

Yesterday we came up with an idea that it would be great to dance something as our first dance :) Our wedding party will be in a restaurant but as the party is only for 10 people, we’ll not be separated from ordinary guests… However we were told that there is a small free room in this restaurant where we can bring our music and have it for our needs :)

We have a little experience in dancing, as we’ve been attending dancing classes for 1,5 year. Sounds good but we don’t really feel comfortable dancing to all kind of music ;) That’s why we asked our dance instructor for some private lessons now. Unfortunately he’s leaving for 2-week vacation next Sunday, so we’ll only meet once for 2h. Hope that will be enough to invent and learn something super! :)  Of course we’d like to keep this dance idea as a secret and surprise for guests!

We haven’t selected the song yet, however we know that we want to dance samba:)  It’s very energetic, joyful and optimistic – I love it! :)  Dancing waltz is not for me. The other thing is that my dress is knee-length, so it’s appropriate for showing some crazy dance figures. Hope I’ll not get too stressed or do wrong steps…

Cats wedding ;)

Cats wedding

PS This cat couple is similar to us – I’m blond and smaller and my boyfriend is tall, slim, dark and wears glasses ;)

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