We’ve got it ! :)

Today my boyfriend received his visa H-1B to the US :) In fact the meeting with council was surprisingly short and I didn’t even finish my little shopping in a drugstore nearby (joking – they are never little! ;)) and it was already over. To celebrate that we went to a quite distinguished cafe for a delicious cake and latte. Mhmm… I always feel like in heaven eating sweets ;) can’t help that… ;)

The other thing is our wedding dance. We had our first and last meeting with dance instructor last Saturday. We’ve chosen a samba song (sorry, I don’t know the title, they are singing something like ‘gamma gamma chio..’ ;)), we know the choreography and now we have to train it a lot. It’s not very complicated, however we don’t have enough space to practice it. Samba is a kind of dance that you dance round in a big circle, not back and forward.

I love Samba :)

I love Samba :)

We’re trying to practice in in our flat but we have to make really tiny steps and make a lot of mistakes because of focusing on the limited space… That frustrates us a bit ;) Also my high hilled shoes that I’m going to wear are soooo slippery that my idea now is to take them off at the beginning of the dance and include this into the whole show ;)) That should look pretty sexy and nice and I’ll feel much more comfortable and stable without them.

So far I like this crazy idea! :)

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