Writing a good thesis

Writing a good thesis in not an easy task… but it’s possible ;) Sometimes you may feel depressed when thinking about starting to write your thesis. I think it’s normal. There is a huge job for you to be done and the time is running out veeeery quickly.

I think the most important thing is to… (that would be banal) – to start! Once you do it, you’ll be much more optimistic ;) Here are some tips that work in my case:

1. Don’t postpone it over and over, just start today! (this is the most difficult part :P) You can start with very simple things – create the document, folder, name it properly… – small steps.

2. Think about the topic you are going to write about, you may not know it yet in details but you should be able to prepare table of contents. Think about chapters. Thesis should have a typical layout:

            1. Introduction

            2. Theoretical background

            3. Your research

            4. Conclusion

but there should be also more detailed subsections, for example in chapter 3 about your research – 3.1. Equipment, 3.2. Used methods, etc. Detailed and clear table of contents will be really helpful. It would be a good idea to consult it with your tutor – you’ll be sure you’re reaching in the right direction.

3. Try to be focused on your goal which is to write at least a page or so a day. I know that you may not be in a mood, it happens. When I don’t feel particular writing vein I’m trying to do other things… but associated with the thesis! ;) I’m doing some editorial job like formatting text, setting correct margins etc. A good idea for such not productive days it to prepare a cover for the thesis, some statement about privacy (if required) etc.

4. When you are finished with above you have to really start writing ;) remember that if you have a clear and coherent able of content you don’t have to begin writing from the first chapter. Write whatever you feel today. Some days you’ll find one things easier, the other different. By doing so writing seems less painful – at least in my case it works so ;)

Your thesis is constructed of small subsections which are quite independent one from another. You’ll notice how such ‘patchworking’ way of writing is easier.

5. If you’re writing your thesis in MS Word, try to use automatic table of content – this will make your job much easier and safe plenty of time! Also use use automatic references and insert them as you use any source of material that you’d like to mention.

My advice is to give yourself limited time – the faster you’ll do it, the sooner it will be over :D Also by writing it on a daily basis you won’t be forgetting many details that you wrote about or wanted to write about.

Just be brave, you can do it!!!!! :))) Even with little information at the beginning  most of people are able to write a good thesis, much better that they had expected :)

Some say you absorb knowledge from books - hope it's true :D

Some say you absorb knowledge from books – hope it’s true :D

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